What to Look for in the Roof When You’re Buying a Home in Raleigh, NC

What to Look for in the Roof When You’re Buying a Home in Raleigh, NC

If you’re buying a new property, one of your first priorities should be finding a trustworthy roofer in Raleigh to assess the roof.

While it’s nice to expect honesty in negotiations, there’s always the risk that the seller won’t mention minor issues – after all, it could earn them an extra few thousand dollars.

Here’s what to look for.

1. How Old Is It?

The roof’s age will tell you:

  • How likely it is to start experiencing issues in the near future
  • How long is left on the warranty
  • Whether you’ll need to fork out to fully replace it soon

Asphalt shingle roofs can last for up to 20-25 years with proper maintenance. However, if a roof is approaching this age, it means it’ll need to be replaced soon, even if it appears to be in good condition.

Some materials last longer than others – for example, a 20-year-old slate roof is still young and fresh. But you should always find out the roof’s age.

2. How Is It Ventilated?

A well-ventilated attic is less likely to develop mold and other common issues.

Understanding how a roof is ventilated isn’t easy from a simple inspection, so you should always enlist the help of professional roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, to find out if any issues are likely to develop.

This may help you get a better price and will certainly show you what work needs to be done.

3. Is It Completely Leak-Free?

It’s unlikely that someone will try to sell you a home where water is already running into the house.

However, small leaks often create damp patches before the floodgates open. Minor leaks can go undetected for years, so it’s well worth finding reputable Raleigh roofers to thoroughly inspect the roof and attic for leaks.

4. How Often Has It Been Serviced?

Most homeowners will book a roofing inspection shortly before selling. However, this doesn’t mean the roof has been cared for properly.

If they have evidence that the roof has been inspected at least every couple of years, that’s a much better sign that it’s in good working order.

The second part of this question is – who inspected it? Find out the company name, check their reviews, and then contact your local roofer in Raleigh to give a second opinion.

5. Does it Drain Properly?

The gutters and downspouts should always be examined for cracks and blockages. While this is cheap and easy to fix, damaged drainage features can lead to water building up in the wrong place, which can cause leaks or at least annoying overflow issues.

If there’s a clear drainage issue, you may be able to persuade the seller to book roof repair in Raleigh to get this problem fixed before you move in. It’s one less thing on your mind!

Book a Roofing Inspection Today

The best course of action when buying a new home is to immediately have your trusted local Raleigh roofers inspect the property. This will let you know if the seller is honest and what kind of work needs to be done on the property.

It’s a quick call that could save you thousands – make it now!

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