6 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in Raleigh,

6 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in Raleigh, NC

If you need roofing repair, you want to find a contractor sooner rather than later. But how do you make sure you find someone up for the job?

Keeping the following tips in mind can make finding Raleigh roofers a snap. 

Let’s get started!

1. Licensing and Insurance

First, make sure any roofers in Raleigh, NC, you hire have the appropriate licensing and insurance. The state licensing board can be a great place to start.

Always make sure to ask your roofers about the insurance they carry. If they don’t have adequate coverage and an accident happens, you could be on the hook through your homeowner’s insurance.

2. Local Intel

Don’t hire Raleigh roofers without first checking out their online reviews. While you should always take reviews on sites such as Yelp with a grain of salt, they can still give you a general lay of the land.

Be wary of larger roofing chains that may not have the same local knowledge. Zoning laws vary from municipality to municipality and fines can blow up even the best-planned budget.

3. Check Out Past Jobs

The best way to get a sense of a contractor’s skill is to check out other jobs they’ve done recently. More than likely, a prospective contractor has pictures up on their website; these are useful, but they’re probably the company’s best jobs.

Look a little bit farther afield to get a better sense of a company. Yelp or Google reviews can be a great place to start. 

4. Get Any Quotes or Financing in Writing

Less scrupulous contractors like to play games with financing roof projects. They may give you a deal that sounds great but has skyrocketing interest rates after an initial intro period.

Beware of any roofing contractors in Raleigh that hem and haw about getting financial details in writing. A trustworthy contractor also won’t mind you having someone else look a quote or an agreement over.

5. The Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best

It’s true that you want to get an affordable price on any replacement, but a single-minded focus on price can lead to you overlooking other details.

The best roofer in Raleigh doesn’t skimp on insurance, for instance – even though this can lead to higher business costs. Skilled, experienced workers also earn more money than people brand new to roofing.

6. Find Material Experts

Wood, asphalt, tile, metal – the number of roofing materials has exploded over the past few decades. Contractors have a lot more options to get homeowners the roof of their dreams, but it’s also harder to be an expert in every type of roof.

Roofing specialists in Raleigh, NC, typically have a few kinds of roofs they install more often than others. Go with their expertise – don’t get a metal roof expert to install tile, for instance.

Your Roof Repair Specialists

Finding roofing contractors in Raleigh doesn’t have to be a challenge – just keep a few tips in mind and you’ll be impressed with how smooth the process can be.

If you need roof repair, restoration, or replacement in the Raleigh, NC area, contact Roof Repair Specialists at (919) 276-8336. We look forward to hearing from you!

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