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In property management it is imperative that you know a reliable roofing company. Roof Repair Specialists handles all of our preventative as well as our routine maintenance; they have always responded timely and handled the repairs quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend their services.

IRC/Commercial, Inc. - Maitland, FL

I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank you and your employees for the past roofing and sheet metal work performed on our numerous projects. It is a pleasure doing business with you as a sub contractor and I am never apprehensive when referring your company as a prime contractor.

Megram Construction Company Inc. - Maitland, FL

I would like to thank you for all the prompt, courteous work you have done on all my properties for the past twelve years, especially the last three with all the hurricanes and other problems which we have suffered through. I truly appreciate being able to call an experienced, local roofing company and then forget about the problem while knowing that it will be fixed in an expeditious manner and will not leak again. Your advice has always been excellent and geared to saving me the most money over the long run and I can honestly say you have.

I am always glad to send your company to one of my associates or friends as I know the work will be of excellent quality. Again, thanks for everything you have done for myself, my businesses and my friends.

Sincerely, H. Gerald Jowers

Skolfield Homes, LLC is an established high volume residential remodeling company focused very specifically on high-end renovations in Winter Park. Our first experience with Roof Repair Specialists was about 10 years ago when they resolved a leak issue on my mother-in-law's flat roof. At the time, I had 20 years experience remodeling and considered myself quite knowledgeable about roofing details. After first contacting them and discussing the problem with them, they were able to resolve it quickly, and it has not leaked at all after 10 years.

My general feeling on roofing is that the products last as indicated by the manufacturer. The failure of roofs is almost always attributable to a failure of the installation. This is further exacerbated by the common practice in the roofing industry of hiring individuals who do not have a built-in concern about attention to detail. A roofing employee that fails to apply the proper procedures and installation techniques sees no negative affects for months or even years. Therefore, it becomes critical that the owner of the company train the individuals and only hire individuals whose pride in workmanship forces them to follow proper installation techniques. This skill comes much more easily to a company that specializes in repairs, as they spend all of their time observing and learning from improper installation. As a remodeling company we have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality workmanship of Roof Repair Specialists. We use them exclusively for all of our tile work, shingle work, and repair work, and see no reason to look elsewhere. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Sincerely,SKOLFIELD HOMES, LLC - John T. Skolfield HI Owner/Member

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